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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This book is romantic, fun, witty, a little angsty, heartfelt, and refreshing. Quinn did a wonderful job at writing such a heart warming story that had my heart going pitter patter from start to finish. It was amazingly funny, an all around terrific read and I really fell in love with Beck and wondered what his story was.

Beck is an artist who lives in the moment and decides to join his friends when they suggest crashing a wedding in Key West. But then it comes time to go home, to two separate coasts, it is not as simple as it was supposed to be. I truly cannot say enough about Two Wedding Crashers. I want to tell you everything but yet nothing so you get to experience every single moment for what they are This is an amazing adventure to join Rylee and Beck on, especially when they both know there are definitely words left unspoken.

It was written with absolute perfection. I am a blogger who reads anywhere from books a week. Two Wedding Crashers is easily the best book of the series, a true rom-com gem with just enough angst to make it one you will need some tissues for. From the moment I was introduced to Beck, I wanted to know more about him. While he might be considered to be a rebel, you could tell that he's a softy at heart.

After not having the best success in his love-life, Beck's friends convince him to get away to a wedding they are invited to in Key West. Ultimately becoming a wedding crasher. His goal is to go in there, have a good time and then go back home as normal. Little did he know that another fellow wedding crasher would capture his heart. Rylee is a romance author who has kind of lost her writing mojo.

Her friends convince her to go to Key West to attend a wedding, get drunk and have a fling. Although she feels she isn't the type of person that can do the fling thing, she agrees to go to Key West and look for some romantic inspiration from others. Then Beck comes into her life and he's hard to resist and hard to forget. My favorite part about Two Wedding Crashers is the banter and whit that Beck and Rylee bring to each other.

I won't give anything away but they get into situations where they start making up stories and I couldn't stop laughing. They both met their match when it came to whit. These two masterfully battled it out and I enjoyed the ride along with them. Meghan Quinn is the queen a romantic comedy romances but I also love her ability to draw out emotion. The character development and storyline in Two Wedding Crashes allowed not only brilliant humor but it stripped that in places and showed raw and vulnerable people who you couldn't help but fall in love with and experience all of their emotions with them.

I could go from full on belly laughing to clutching my aching heart in a very short time. If you are looking for great laughs and a love story that will capture your heart and soul, then Two Wedding Crashers is just the book for you! See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. It's been a while since I read a Meghan Quinn book. I honestly think the last one I read was Virgin Romance Novelist which was She's a fabulous writer. And so witty and funny.

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I found myself smiling throughout this book. And I loved almost all of these heroes. She does a great job of setting up this novel, and presenting the situation in a way that kept me guessing. Funny, unpredictable and fan-yourself-sexy - my cheeks still hurt from smiling! Mar 20, Dilek VT rated it it was ok Shelves: This is the 3rd book I have tried by this author.

I am sure she is great but she is just the wrong author for me.

You create a profile and they find the best match for you. You meet your blind date in this restaurant. You got the idea, right? The first one is a businessman, she calls her The Suit. The second one is The Rebel bad boy with a motorcycle , and the third one is The Jock athlete. I want to know what he tastes like. What the scruff on his jaw feels like under my fingers, caressing the soft skin on my cheek. They decide to go on a second date but then she makes a mistake and he ends it. She is attracted to this second guy, as well.

He strokes my palm with his finger, running it along every line, making my insides flutter and my breathing pick up with each stroke. And me, well, see my hips? Of course, she is again attracted to him. Curiosity pops out of me before I can stop myself, and I poke his chest. Noely is a famous woman. She is the host of a TVShow. I mean it is not that she cannot meet a lot of good-looking people.

He says he is one of these 3 men and he has made mistakes and he wants another chance. He asks Noely who she wants him to be and she has no idea. They continue messaging for a while and she tries to understand who he is. Page of If you had to choose, given they were free of all demons, who would you choose? They were different in their own way but could fit easily into my life. I just had an idea but it kept changing.

She kisses and has oral sex with one of these guys.

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She has sex with the other. So decide if it is safe for you. Even she hated herself, so my hating her is just natural, I guess. God, there is no excuse. Be disgusted, because I am. I got caught up in the moment, in the feel of his body, in the way he made me tingle from head to toe. As for the writing, the book tends to be on the humorous side.

Noely tells the story except for 2 chapters and she makes jokes all the time. I never met a woman who is forcing herself so hard to be funny I mean the writer forces herself to create a hilarious character but it felt too forced. She is not my kinda person, unfortunately.

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She is the annoying one in my book! It is because of the writing. When she says it was the most earth-shattering experience of her life, am I supposed to feel it? Telling is not convincing enough. I need you to show me so that I can feel it. All in all, nothing in this book worked for me. Neither the funny side of it nor the other things. They say third time is the charm but this is my third book from her and all of them failed for me… This book was faaaaaaan-tastic! A different concept than I've read before in a rom-com book and I found it refreshing!

This book had me laughing out loud as well as fanning myself from the steaminess. I loved the concept of our MC going on 3 blind dates to find true love. Contemplating which one will she choose in the end I must say, Ms. Quinn had me guessing for quite some time. Looks like this will be a new series from Meghan Quinn in which we'll get to see wha Ooh, yeah! Looks like this will be a new series from Meghan Quinn in which we'll get to see what becomes of the remaining two blind date candidates that didn't win the MC's heart in the end.

More hotness from those two fellas Jan 17, Cyndi rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a funny book! I enjoyed it and I really loved Noely. She is a great heroine. I liked the hero, but he isn't the one I thought she would end up with. I won't read the next books about the 2 guys that didn't get Noely. After meeting them in this book as love interests for this h I don't want to see them as someone else's love interest. View all 10 comments. Apr 15, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Meghan Quinn Fans, Romance.

It gave me all the feels of falling in New Love and the thrills of what it was like when it was in the first stages Especially with the lure and addiction of Online Dating Because there was nothing like those first times of receiving emails from someone you hadn't met yet The chatting and flirting You could become drunk from it all. Meghan Quinn hit it just right with her version of online dating. Noely Clark is a local celebrity as the host of Good Morning Malibu. At 27, she seems to have it all: Her parents and brother are loving and care about her.

She has a niece which rocks her world and her co-host on the show is her best friend. From any one's perspective, Noely should be very happy She wants what her brother has She wants to have someone to come home to Someone who she can share her day with Noely is ready to have her happily ever after But being a sort of celeb has its draw backs The guys she meets are either ones who end up wanting something from her So dating for her has been a problem.

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But then she found out about this new dating thing called Going in Blind. The idea is creating a profile without your picture and the company's data source runs their program to find the exact person for you. You then decide if the match is a go If the chemistry is there then either party can offer to go on the second date After that the couple is on their own to figure out what comes next. Noely was excited and made the required tape for the site. Unfortunately, she made the tape with the TV Stations lighting, film and cameras.

This allowed her ass of a producer to blackmail her into turning this private dating experience into a segment for the show. Luckily, the company does not allow cameras or any filming so Noely will be able to have private dates but she will have to do post date discussions on the show if she wants to keep her job. Briefly, Noely has 3 different types of dating experiences due to each man has issues which causes Noely to not go past a second date.

Each man has positives which entrances Noely We experience it all and share in her wonderful relationships with her family and co-workers. Noely is truly a terrific character. The men she meets are something, too There is also a thread throughout this story which all of us can relate to The movie You Got Mail. It causes us to be in the moment of what it was like to receive those first emails Meghan Quinn takes us there and gives us mental stimulation as well as some of the sexiest times ever She also keeps us guessing till the very end as to who Noely will end up with.

But better late, than never I had to grab it while it was For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. Color me surprised, cause I was not expecting to add this to my faves. MQ always writes my fave heroines and Noely is no different. This book was a goodie.

It was fun, captivating and hilarious. Definitely made my rom-com faves list. When it comes to dating, the Malibu morning show host Noely needs all the help she can get. She decides to try a new Going In Blind dating app. Through this app she meets three men I loved reading about Noely navigating the dating world and at the same time trying to figure out who she would end up with. This story was unique and so refreshing. I definitely recommend it to readers and rom-com fans: View all 12 comments.

Dec 25, Elle's Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: January 4, Genre: This book is quirky, fun, and deliciously charming. I found myself smiling like a goofball, laughing until it hurt, and swooning over the ending. It's just an all around perfect romance.

Having had a hard time with the genre in the last few months, I knew Meghan would take me out of my roma Release Date: Having had a hard time with the genre in the last few months, I knew Meghan would take me out of my romance funk with her endearing characters and addicting plot. Our heroin, Noely, is a girl after my own heart and I could see myself walking in her shoes. Her three blind dates, all completely different from one another, were absolutely perfect as well.

I can't wait to read their books in the coming year. Maybe we set out expectations too high? A little too low? Or maybe we just hoped for the best but got the worst. Well, this is what I thought we would get in Three Blind Dates- but we don't.

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It's not a book about dating mishaps with men who make us cringe but rather, a book about timing and finding the right man at the RIGHT time. It's a story about a strong and independent woman who wants her happily ever after and goes out to find it. All of her dates are fantastic in their own right and each of the men hold a certain charm factor, but timing here is key. One man is more ready then the others And it's up to Noely to figure out which one is her soulmate. The Suit He's a strong business man with a good head on his shoulders and a life that is almost figured out.

All that he is missing is "the one". Will it be him that she chooses?

I like a man with an edge and the rebel certainly had that quality and much more. But, is he ready for a serious relationship? To start a family and live blissfully and happily ever after? Will she chose the rebel? The Jock Hayden "fucking" Holmes. Star hockey player who doesn't mind a few drunken shenanigans. Has his life figured out, a great career, and an awesome sense of humor. Will he be the one she settles down with? You'll have to read it and see!!! In fact, I wouldn't mind being a wing-man or is it wing-girl with her.

Dating is a Numbers Game

It's all just too good to pass up! If you're looking for a fun and lighearted romantic comedy that will steal your heart then you need to pick up Meghan's latest novel, Three Blind Dates. And don't worry, it doesn't end here. Although this book is a complete standalone, the two bachelors that don't win over Noely's heart will have their own stories coming out in the next few months? Noely Clark is a successful host of a talk show Good Morning Malibu, she has everything going for her in every department with the exception of romance.

When Noely decides to throw caution to the wind and join a dating program set up by a new local restaurant, Going in Blind, in search of publicity — they set her up with three very different, very attracting blind dates. This was a cute story. I really enjoyed meeting the three very different men in this story and how they effected Noely as a cha Noely Clark is a successful host of a talk show Good Morning Malibu, she has everything going for her in every department with the exception of romance.

I really enjoyed meeting the three very different men in this story and how they effected Noely as a character and her romantic life. I enjoyed watching the story and the romance unfold and found it very believable and relatable. Noely was a hard character, not to like. I found her very real, endearing and relatable. Her and her best friend were just a real joy, I loved the banter between them. A part of it is about Noely growing in her romantic life as she meets and gets to know these guys before she gets her happily ever after.

It was so cute and sweet and ugh. Quinn really knows how to lace humor into her books with fun, realistic characters, easy storytelling, and just overall general appeal for romance lovers. I adored that she used references to You Got Mail and as someone who liked the movie I did appreciate that. Overall, this was cute and definitely great for people who really love romances. Jan 15, Peri June rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was like eating a never-ending box of chocolates!