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Not necessary to focus on the actual sex part of the story. But we expect that the story is at least somewhat gay and sexy. Cruising the sauna in the cruise ship spa self. If you've never gone on a cruise before not just a gay cruise like Atlantis , hopefully this might get you interested. They're gonna be wearing their swimsuit on while in there. Doesn't make a lot of sense since you're gonna be sweating into something that'd probably smell funky. So I was on a family vacation going on a cruise and there wasn't much for me to do since I'm not gorging myself at the buffet or gambling my brains out.

This was not my first cruise, so I had planned for the boredom by purchasing a spa pass that included a sauna and steam room. The first day of the cruise was essentially your buffet of men In the spa, you get to see all the men stripped down to at least their bathing suits. On this cruise, there was definitely equal ratios of Europeans vs. The disappointing part seemed to be that the European guys are keeping their bathing suits on since they see the Americans doing the same On that first day, I saw hairy chested American guys, in their late 20's - early 30's, married; British chavs who were very drunk, including twins!

The French guy was unique from the other guys It was the most revealing swimsuit of all the guys. His face was definitely the best part I would spend a majority of my time in the sauna as the steam room usually got way too hot for longer sessions. In there, I would always find Australian beefcake laying down with a towel tightly wrapped around his lower half.

He's pretty much an Instagram muscle hunk who liked being looked at, but was no good with actually doing anything.

Crew members reveal what really happens on board

Having to deal with this piece of dead weight, I knew I had to find some other potential action among the group of men. Beefcake usually parked himself in that sauna for long stints, so I decided to take a break and go into the relaxation room. Wearing a big white bathrobe and nothing else , I walked finding deep inside the room French guy asleep in a chair with soccer ok, football playing. He was just laying there, wearing a bathrobe with his signature blue speedo underneath.

I walked behind his chair at first to see if he deeply asleep; I then walked around and in front of him He had a good sized bulge, but definitely not hard. I decided to park myself two seats away from him. He woke up a few minutes later and smiled cordially as we both watch the game well while I watched him. It was day 2 of the cruise.

Cruising the sauna in the cruise ship spa : gaystoriesgonewild

In the spa, I found French guy again, but this time he was in the jacuzzi with his wife. She wasn't as attractive as you might have assumed. They seemed like a very loving couple. I cooled down with a quick shower before going into the sauna, where I saw French guy already in there with a towel wrapped around his blue speedo. It was a pretty small sauna; he was sitting on the very inside in the shadows while I parked myself in the bench opposite the door. When I sat down, I loosened my towel, making sure the open part was over my crotch, but lightly covering my cock.

As my temperature got higher, so did my cock. I had a semi under the towel and I let him see it pulsate with the light through the tiny window in the door.

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If you're experienced in being in saunas, it's no big deal He didn't say anything, but I knew he could see me getting hard. They tend to be listed in the daily program as informal and un-hosted get togethers, and other than a room and time there is very little information about who these mysterious friends of Dorothy are, and why they are meeting up.

So just who is Dorothy?

And why does she have so many friends on-board that she has to have a special meeting advertised in the daily program? This means that gay cruisers of younger generations are unlikely to even be aware they are happening!

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Many believe that the term is linked to the gay icon Judy Garland, and her classic role as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. A camp classic in the gay world. This is a nice idea, but unlikely. She was known for having a lot of gay men in her glitzy social circle in the s and s, and one of her husbands was apparently bi-sexual.

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The term was used as far back as World War II when homosexuality was illegal. It was a code to identify fellow gay men by referring to them as friends of Dorothy. It is even reported that as recently as the s, when homosexuality was still not permitted in the USA military, that the term was still being used. It allegedly confused some investigators into homosexuality in the forces when it was thought there was some spy ring linked to a mysterious Dorothy ring leader.

This may just be a fanciful story, and is fun if it is true. It does though further add to the argument that it is probably a dated and silly way of identifying gay people for a get-together on a cruise ship. Cruise lines actually enthusiastically embraced the term as far back as the s, as they feared the reaction of passengers if they were more overt about having gay get-togethers on their ships. It has become the standard code now, and unfortunately seems that it will stay entrenched. Most do, although cruisers report that Carnival, Princess and Norwegian tend to be less enthusiastic, and they are less likely to be held and publicised through their on-board channels.

How to have a Cruise Ship Hookup

They are, though, a regular fixture on some more progressive and inclusive cruise lines, especially lines like Cunard which attracts a fairly significant proportion of gay passengers on their scheduled Transatlantic Crossings. Wild drug taking, excessive drinking, outrageous flirting and generally inappropriate camp behaviour?

If that is what you are looking for then you probably should have gone on a different vacation!

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On mainstream cruise lines the events tend to be more sedate. And usually are reported to be sparsely attended. This probably because there are more likely to be couples than singles on cruises, and so may be less concerned about making gay specific connections and friends. They are often held around about tea time, late afternoon, or around about dinner sitting times when the public lounges are quieter and less busy, enabling them to be held.

But, by definition, this is also when the gay passengers who may want to attend are also busy. It harks back to an age when gay men and women needed to live a more ghetto lifestyle. Today, society — certainly that among many cruise passengers in my experience — take the fact that a couple is gay more as a fact than an issue.

The door was open. Another time, two guests invited my friend for a threesome. They were a couple in their thirties. He went in their cabin and they just started taking their clothes off. Another former cruise worker, Laura not her real name , 27, was invited for sex just seconds after boarding ship on her first contract. Cruise ships are no longer just for quiet retirees. That was my first introduction to the below decks shenanigans.

Laura, who worked for several years on the entertainment production team after graduating from university, slept with six people on her first six-month contract. The cramped conditions crew share force some to get creative in search of a private spot for sex. You could always tell who had been having a cheeky one on the floor of their cabin, as the carpets were so rough the girls would have carpet burn on their knees.

With all the bedhopping going on, it is little surprise that some crew ended up with an STI to go with the sun and the sea. Laura, now married with a young child, said: There were always lots of crew at the doctor on board, waiting to have an STI test. While cruises can be a great way to meet new people, not everyone is looking for a night of passion.