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Gee, was it something I said-LOL! I am very much looking forward to that-thank you. I know of at least two former Acme stores in Scranton, PA. One was on Green Ridge Street, that has since been demolished. Anyone have any information on that store. I just happen to have a Scranton phone book and it lists a Super Saver at Green Ridge which was likely an Acme at one time. It also lists another Super Saver at S. Washington and Elm in the city-also very likely another Acme convert. By that point, at least according to the phone book, there were no Acmes left in the city. There was also one on Moosic St.

That one as I recall had the classic tile front with the Acme neon tower. It closed around the same time of the Dunmore remodel I spoke of earlier. It became a Panelrama home improvement store-kind of an ealry version of Lowe's or Home Depot and after that I lost track of it until when it was some kind of discount grocery outlet.

Acme dating scranton pa

That building was demolished in either or to make way for a CVS which operates to this day. To the best of my knowledge, no. There was a market there and it was a Food Fair which I'm going to say was an original tennant since FFP Food Fair Properties owned and very likely developed the center. It closed in either the very late '60's or very early '70's and sat dark for a while before becoming a Giant market. I was just a kid and remember being in there only once with my parents but my recollection was that it was extremely dark and very dirty for a grocery store.

First and last Food Fair I was ever in too. And when Giant moved in, it appeared they hadn't changed a thing: We actually shopped there a lot after that. Frankly, the place gave me the creeps. Today, the center still stands but I have no idea what occupies this space. I do know that on the other end is a Gerrity's small local chain in a former Woolworth's.

But to get back to the original question, I'd have to say no there wasn't an Acme there-at least not between late mid I don't think the building is even still there today. Man, the things you remember when you answer one question. I love this blog.

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Yes there was an Acme in south Scranton. It is now a Rite Aid and Chinese buffet. TW- update on Dunmore It is currently scheduled to go up in early January. Lincroft has also been rescheduled for There was a Weis in Clarks Summit at the same time that Acme was open, and it was right across the street. That Weis building was torn down after the new one down the road was built.

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Also as previously mentioned, the location where Brown's Gym is now used to be a McCrory's. I'm so glad you posted this. After reading through the section about Weis, it would have driven me nuts if the truth wasn't known. The Weis store outlasted the Acme by atleast 5 years in the previous location. I do believe the only reason it was moved was because that location both sides of the street became a no man's land of nothing stores.

Acme dating scranton pa

Thanks for confirming that! I was sure the new Weis in Clarks Summit was technically a replacement store but wasn't sure where the old one had been located. The gym also used to be a W. Grant not a Grant city , according to joshaustin on flickr. When I was a kid, the former Weis site across the street was occupied by Topper's Diner and a trailer that was Gracies Hoagies late 60's, early 70's. Someone commented about the structure at S State and W.

Does anyone remember the location of the insalacos grocery store when it was in clarks green? At the top of Grove St. It now houses doctors offices, and has since the late 80's when Insalacos moved to the current location of Gerritys. A BiLo also resided where Gerritys is, after Insalacos closed in 90's.

It lasted only a few years due to its unfamiliarity and higher New York prices. He traveled around and photographed many of the 45 Acmes that were sold to Penn Traffic. This photo was taken in late '94 between the time the sale was announced and when it was finalized. If you look closely, you can see the 80's Floral wall treatment to the right of the entrance. This store did in fact have the 80's remodel until the end.

Awesome red oval sign! Most stores received a plastic sheet that slid right into the old fish-eye sign frame. Some stores got this deluxe treatment. You can see holes left over from this sign in the pictures below. Thanks to Mike for sending these in! We'll have to see if he treats us to some other classic pictures in his collection. Now on to the original post The one bit of information I do know about this store is that it did receive the 80's remodel. The section seen here appears to be the original Acme building with the section to the left being an expansion added later which nearly doubled the size of the store.

The Acme shopping cart ramp looks to be still in place. The current doors may have been the same placement of the Acme entrance and exit. Now the doors lead to two separate stores. You can see holes along the bottom which appear to be left over from where the red oval sign was mounted to the front of the store. Looks as though this Acme started out as a 60's store and was expanded at a later date.

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More evidence of this can be seen from the satellite images below. The Dollar Bizarre has a very Acme feeling inside, especially to the rear of the store where it extends into what would have been Acme's backroom area. The side of the newer section. The back doors would have been left over from the Acme.

A bank now occupies this space. The original section with it's second floor to the rear of the photo.

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The other large building on the property, now occupied by Brown's Gym, looks as though it could have been a grocery store as well. Brown's Gym used to Woolworth's. Current shopping center signage above. And if we could turn back time, down below In this aerial shot, you can clearly see the addition that was added. The section sticking up from the rear of the building would have been the second floor of the Acme which housed offices, bathrooms and the break room. And now to the Weis Market of Clarks Summit Located just down the street from the former Acme.

Not sure if the Weis arrived prior to the Acme closing or after. The two chains often had stores competing with each other throughout Eastern PA. This style of Weis debuted in the mid 90's. The exterior look was a little too similar to Giant's design which was rolled out in the early 90's.

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This marks the debut of Weis Markets at Acme Style. I've been planning to feature one as a Bonus Store but haven't gotten to the chosen location to photograph it. Like Acme, Weis still has some small classic locations in business today. This interior design was rolled out in the 90's to both new stores and remodels.

White was the way to go in the 90's. Both Acme and Giant Food went with all white interiors in that decade. Weis kept the look going throughout the 90's but has since moved onto a new decor package which I have yet to see in person. Very interesing front end here. The registers are all angled toward to the Dairy side of the store. Might seem a little a strange in theory but it's seems quite effective in person. On side note about Weis: Both towns are far removed from Weis' core market area, yet Weis decided to build these stores right next door to long established ShopRites.

Not sure how they're surviving these days since Walmart has also opened stores in both towns in close proximity to each Weis store. Now back to Clarks Summit A comparison of where the old Acme and new Weis stores are located. Click here to register Click here for more information Thursday, June 14 Who: June 14, Thursday Time: June 21, Thursday Time: July 12, Thursday Time: July 19, Thursday Time: July 26, Thursday Time: August 9, Thursday Time: In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance. If you need to cancel you may be eligible for a refund or event rain check, based on our cancellation policy , provided you contact us before the event day.

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