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Pathos by TheGuineapig3 reviews Lina Inverse and her friends have finally settled down… but the dangers that plague them certainly haven't! When old enemies and dark secrets from the past emerge, they realise that getting things back to normal will be no small task D Tokyo Mew Mew - Rated: But how will they deal not only with an immediate threat to the both of them but also the hidden feelings for each other? MEI by nightwhisperofshadows reviews The aliens attack the mew base in search of mew aqua but end up bringing out more than they thought.

A creature created by Ryou's father is an early experiment of the mews, one sealed away for her whole life. Atem returns to the world of the living in order to take revenge on Yami Bakura for the murders of his friends. He will stop at nothing to defeat Bakura once and for all, but will Bakura be too much for him to handle?

School Days by Wolfbane-Chan reviews When the aliens get a new mission to study earth, they decide school is the best way. Turns out, they are now at the school the Mew Mews go to! Read, and follow their adventures through school. Rated T for safety. Children in Love by Papparazzi reviews A few years after Try. What happends when Filia and Xellos are trapped in a closet? Will they settle their diffrences or will it be Romeo and Juliet all over again for our star-crossed lovers? The end and new beginning by Ambercatlucky2 reviews it's the final battle Read and find out! Why is Gaav resisting the advances of his oh so sexy cohort?

Pokemon - Dating a Team Magma Grunt (Doujinshi) Manga

Simple, it's just not something one man does to another man! Another chance by Dark Fire Angel reviews After the Slayer's world is destroyed, Filia is reborn, and lives happily until the day of her sixteenth birthday XF Chap 13 up, now complete Slayers - Rated: I needed to get some sillies out of my system!!!

K - English - Humor - Chapters: Professor Sycamore has no idea how to react to his drunk best friend thinking he's a Pokemon. Just some dumb cracky Perfectworldshipping because Lysandre for all we know can't handle his alcohol. Pokemon Temporal Platinum reviews New trainers and best friends Garnet and Diamond find themselves caught up in the middle of Team Galactic's rebirth, and find themselves having to protect Sinnoh and the Creation Trio from Cyrus' neverending ambition.

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Thankfully they don't have to take them on alone. Because chosen by legendary dragons or not, they cannot be trusted with a bike let alone Sinnoh's fate. Was this really a good idea? Involves cute S kitties, terrible aim, mean mafia boys and marker pens. Rated T for Proton and Archer's potty mouths.

Caught in the Act reviews Two Skull grunts decide to prank two Aether employees who are always foiling their plans. Unfortunately the spray paint runs out before they can finish the job.

Pokémon - Dating a Team Magma Grunt (Doujinshi) Manhwa

And the employees catch them at the scene of the crime. Warning strong language and ridiculous insults. This isn't supposed to be taken seriously. Very vaguely implied slash, implied femslash. Apart from the Winchesters and Adam are also invited. Complete crack including Sam stuck in a love triangle, mentally 5 years old Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer fights galore and other random stuff. All's fair in love and war!

Dating a Team Magma Grunt: Chapter 3 (English Dub)

Everything goes to Hell when Serena declares she is Ash's girlfriend. And as an argument breaks out, someone unexpected sweeps him off his feet. Rated for bad language. Obviously characters may be OOC. Then a guy that makes his heart skip and his friend come in. Then one of them has to ask.

What is his sexual orientation? The two other admins respond differently to the answer Will be two shot. Homura is Anime Tabitha. Eternal Nightmares reviews A year ago, they met.

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At that moment Aster knew he wanted to protect his new friend. But a year on Damien is still depressed, haunted by nightmares and clingy to Aster. What if there was another reason his nightmares upset him so much? Pokemon Villain Team Oneshots reviews Short silly oneshots for each of the villain teams, many of which use a combination of canon characters and villainous Or not that villainous OCs. Mostly onesided OC x Canon but yeah.

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It's all just for spritzees and giggles. Okay I'll shut up now. Father and Boyfriend Conference reviews Maxie wants to see if Blaise is any good for his daughter Kat after hearing about their relationship due to idiotic grunts. Blaise is eager to impress him Pokemon Valentine Oneshots reviews Cute or silly oneshots requested by the many members of the forum Pokemaniacs. Hope to upload one everyday up until Valentine's day, some will vary in length though and take longer to write. Pairings will consist of straight, slash and femslash. Practice makes Perfect reviews Luna Tsukio, aged 15 and having been loyal to Team Rocket since he was adopted by them at age 6, hated Misaki Bannai, a childish girl aged 14 and raised by a Team Magma scientist and his kleptomaniac son.

But if he hated her Why did he like her idea of 'practicing' so much? Rated T for language, fluff and pure crack.

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  • The Crossdresser Thief and the Makuhita Man reviews Two people who shouldn't meet, and not just because they're from different Pokeverses, end up meeting anyway. And causing complete chaos. Rated T for language, even if censored. This is when the anime and ORAS meet.

    Dating a team magma grunt

    Bringing two people who should never know of each other's existence together to cause absolute mayhem. Malfunctions reviews Saturn decides to confess his feelings to Cyrus. The response was surprising to say the least There's a Monster in my Closet! Until a little girl found a monster in her closet. Sort of an early Halloween fic, done as a challenge. Rated for bad language once or twice. However when they flee to the region of Unova, they may be able to start anew without being reminded of their failures. Their roommates are all ex criminals And their new school's full of idiots Rated T for numerous reasons and Kyoko.

    Will they survive the insanity? Includes pairings hetero and homo , violence, awkwardness in ch4 and frequent breaking of the fourth wall in Ch5. It can be any pairing except Yuri girl x girl pairings. See inside for more details! Currently includes Ferriswheelshipping and Kingsrockshipping. And Courtney has not had a good morning. Will she ever win over her crush?

    Will Archie crash the party? And is Brodie spiking everything with vodka? Rated T for language, some themes, implied yaoi and crack. Blistered Ruby Life seems normal in the lives of the Magmas. However when one small coincidence stretches, it becomes obvious something is wrong. The Magma team will have to deal with many hardships, from betrayal to accusation And it's threatening to tear apart their lives and severe the bonds between them Contains pairings, language and some violence later on. They are both outcasts in a world where gijinkas are shunned by the human race.

    Join their journey to find their place in the world and prove their worth to the humans. Rated M for sexual content and language. Paul's dilemma reviews Paul needs help and advice when he finds himself falling for Dawn and goes to his brother for guidance. Now he regrets his decision. Why did he have such an insane brother? A short Ikarishipping oneshot requested by Pokemon Storyteller. Rated T for some language. Bleach ToD reviews The Bleach cast are available for torture! Make them spill their guts, or terrorize them with dangerous dares and terrible truths!

    Absolute chaos will be ensured! Operation Matchmaker Villain edition reviews After the disbands of all teams, Brodie, Shelly and Mars get fed up of Maxie's and Archie's ridiculous arguments caused via tension and decide to pair them up. But after that, they might get a bit overexcited Contains multiple pairings, both Yaoi and straight. I'm the thief not you reviews It's a normal day at Team Magma Hideout.

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    Well it was until Brodie accuses Tabitha of stealing. What the hell is he on about? Sort by, comment deleted 11 children community Details, announcements. Follow submission guidelines when applicable. Sorry guys, I couldn t resist. But don t worry, I m n April fools. Free and No Registration required for Pokemon. Dating a, team Magma Grunt, doujinshi. Post with votes and views. Meme or Hentai Post. Track of the Week, july 8, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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