Amanda bynes hook up with liam

Some photos from resurfaced on E! Online that seem to imply Bynes and Hemsworth were once an item.

In the images, which were taken at Hollywood's Trousdale, Hemsworth and Bynes can be seen getting pretty close on one of the now-closed bar's couches. Considering how incestuous Hollywood can be, it wouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn that Bynes and Hemsworth had hooked up a time or five in the past.

PDA alert: Liam Hemsworth and Amanda Bynes | Dolly

I got news for you people: Amanda Bynes is much less classy than Miley. Amanda is big time partier who hooks up with a different guy every week. There are also lots of cocaine rumours, which explains why her looks have deteriorated so much lately. If Amanda was successful and had brown hair it would be a upgrade.

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Liam is such a fame whore to me… but what fame is he gonna get from Amanda… IDK. All my school loves her. I thought Miam were so cute, but now I have a feeling he was mainly with her for the fame. Miley- Demi -Da… said: That the songs weres about Liam.

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But I agree I really think Miley falls for these guys hard. Earlier today, pics of Hemsworth getting all cozy with Amanda Bynes were posted on numerous gossip blogs.

Reports claim the two were not only making out at Hollywood hot spot Trousdale the other night, but that they eventually checked in to a nearby hotel, too. The photos everyone is talking about? We first posted them here at E!

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In other words, they were taken before most people even knew who Hemsworth was and certainly before the start of his onset romance with Cyrus. So, yeah, Bynes and Hemsworth did have a cozy night together two years ago. Do you like Demi?? DOWNgrade, that bitch is soooo cheap. Miley and Amanda are both trash. Amanda is naturally pretty.

Amanda Bynes Crushing On Miley Cyrus' Fiance Liam Hemsworth

She is becoming a whore: But with Amanda, every statement she releases seems to provoke another person. And besides, Liam is already taken.

Could It Be True? Amanda Bynes Hooked Up With Miley Cyrus’ Man Liam! (PHOTOS)

Although reports have been insistent that he has already ended his engagement with Miley, they still have yet to release a confirmation or denial of the rumour. Apparently, Amanda's tweet wasn't innocent at all. When she called him gorgeous, she's speaking from an up close and personal experience.