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She got off and for those who've tried and match. In May , Starbucks entered a partnership with music streaming service Spotify. The partnership entailed giving U. Starbucks was also given its own curated Spotify playlist to be featured on Spotify's mobile app. Starbucks has been a target of parodies and imitations of its logo, particularly the version, and has used legal action against those it perceives to be infringing on its intellectual property. In , San Francisco cartoonist Kieron Dwyer was sued by Starbucks for copyright and trademark infringement after creating a parody of its siren logo and putting it on the cover of one of his comics; later placing it on coffee mugs, T-shirts, and stickers that he sold on his website and at comic book conventions.

Dwyer felt that since his work was a parody it was protected by his right to free speech under U. The case was eventually settled out of court , as Dwyer claimed he did not have the financial ability to endure a trial case with Starbucks.

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The judge agreed that Dwyer's work was a parody and thus enjoyed constitutional protection; however, he was forbidden from financially "profiting" from using a "confusingly similar" image of the Starbucks siren logo. Dwyer was allowed to display the image as an expression of free speech, but he can no longer sell it.

Christian bookstores and websites in the US are selling a T-shirt featuring a logo with the siren replaced by Jesus and the words "Sacrificed for me" around the edge. Other successful cases filed by Starbucks include the case won in against the chain Xingbake in Shanghai, China for trademark infringement , because the chain used a green-and-white circular logo with a name that sounded phonetically similar to the Chinese for Starbucks. The store was owned by a group of young Haida men, who claimed that the name was a coincidence, due to "buck" being a Haida word for "young man" a claim that cannot be substantiated.

After facing criticism, Starbucks dropped its demand after HaidaBucks dropped "coffee house" from its name. The company, Elpreya, says Starpreya is named after the Norse goddess , Freja , with the letters of that name changed to ease pronunciation by Koreans. The court rejected Starbucks' claim that the logo of Starpreya is too similar to their own logo. Ongoing cases include a dispute over the copyright application for Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls logo in Starbucks requested an extension to further examine the issue and possibly issue a complaint, which was granted by the Trademark Office.

The July 16, , deadline passed without action by the corporation. Starbucks launched action against an Indian cosmetics business run by Shahnaz Husain, after she applied to register the name Starstruck for coffee and related products. She said she aimed to open a chain of stores that would sell coffee and chocolate-based cosmetics. According to speculation cited in the Seattle Post Intelligencer , the cafe's name and imitation Starbucks style may be a political satire of American consumerism.

Starbucks is not known to have taken action against this business. The store resembled a typical Starbucks with one exception: No lawsuits were filed though because the store was short-lived. The Los Angeles Health Department shut it down after 4 days because Fielder lacked the proper permits. In , Starbucks started "Grounds for your Garden" to make their business environmentally friendlier. This gives leftover coffee grounds to anyone requesting it for composting. Although not all stores and regions participate, customers can request and lobby their local store to begin the practice.

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In , Starbucks began reducing the size of their paper napkins and store garbage bags, and lightening their solid waste production by In October , The Sun newspaper reported that Starbucks was wasting In June , in response to concerns over its excessive water consumption, Starbucks re-evaluated its use of the dipper well system. In September , company-operated Starbucks stores in Canada and the United States successfully implemented a new water saving solution that meets government health standards.

Different types of milk are given a dedicated spoon that remains in the pitcher and the dipper wells were replaced with push button metered faucets for rinsing.

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In a media article, Starbucks' vice president of corporate social responsibility acknowledged that the company continued to struggle with environmental responsibility, as none of its cups were recyclable and stores did not have recycling bins. At the time that the article was published, Starbucks gave customers who brought in their own reusable cup a cent discount, in addition to using corrugated cup sleeves made from 85 percent post-consumer recycled fiber, which is 34 percent less paper than the original.

Starbucks began drafting plans for corporate social responsibility in Farmers who earn high overall scores receive higher prices than those who achieve lower scores. Ratings categories include economic accountability, social responsibility, environmental leadership in coffee growing and processing. Indicators for social responsibility have evolved and now include 'zero tolerance' indicators that require workers to be paid in cash, check, or direct deposit, ensure that all workers are paid the established minimum wage, that workplaces are free of harassment and abuse, that workplaces are nondiscriminatory and do not employ persons under the age of 14, and several more.

In , the company introduced a line of fair trade products. According to Starbucks, they purchased 2, metric tons 4. All espresso roast sold in the UK and Ireland is Fairtrade. Groups such as Global Exchange are calling for Starbucks to further increase its sales of fair trade coffees. After a long-running dispute between Starbucks and Ethiopia, Starbucks agreed to support and promote Ethiopian coffees. Ethiopia fought hard for this acknowledgement mainly to help give its poverty-stricken farmers a chance to make more money. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

In addition, Starbucks is an active member of the World Cocoa Foundation. Ethos , a brand of bottled water acquired by Starbucks in , is sold at locations throughout North America. Critics have argued that the claim on the label misleads consumers into thinking that Ethos is primarily a charitable organization when it is actually a for-profit brand and the vast majority of the sale price The founders of Ethos have stated that the brand is intended to raise awareness of third-world clean water issues and provide socially responsible consumers with an opportunity to support the cause by choosing Ethos over other brands.

Since , Starbucks has been donating leftover pastries in the United States to local food banks through a food collection service named Food Donation Connection. In March , Starbucks unveiled a five-year plan to donate percent of unsold food from its 7, company-operated stores in the U. This program, called FoodShare, is expected to provide up to 50 million meals over the next five years.

As of , the program was in 10 different markets, including New York City. It plans to expand the program to all Manhattan stores. Starbucks has been accused of selling unhealthy products, and has been the target of multiple controversies. In , , and when fighting in Israel has worsened, there were several calls to boycott Starbucks for supporting Israel. The hoax letter claiming that Schultz had donated money to the Israeli military was actually written by an Australian weblogger, Andrew Winkler, who has admitted fabricating the document.

Starbucks is a non-political organization and does not support individual political causes". Organizations have urged a boycott of Starbucks, accusing Starbucks of serving as an ally of Israeli militarists. They also distributed a letter saying, Schultz " On January , two Starbucks stores in London were the target of vandalism by pro- Palestinian demonstrators who broke windows and reportedly ripped out fittings and equipment after clashes with riot police.

In , following the arrest of two young African-American men at a Starbucks for allegedly trespassing, Starbucks announced it would host a nationwide anti-bias training in collaboration with the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights organization. This is deeply troubling. Hear Music is the brand name of Starbucks' retail music concept. Hear Music began as a catalog company in , adding a few retail locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hear Music was purchased by Starbucks in Its inaugural release was a big non-coffee event for Starbucks the first quarter of In , the company created Starbucks Entertainment, one of the producers of the film Akeelah and the Bee.

Retail stores advertised the film before its release and sold the DVD. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Starbucks Corporation Logo used since [1].

Starbucks headquarters at Starbucks Center in Seattle , Washington. Coffee beverages smoothies tea baked goods sandwiches. This section is missing information about order and pay feature in app. Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page. This section's images may require adjustment of image placement , formatting , and size. Please see the picture tutorial and the image placement policy for further information. A store on Piccadilly with its windows boarded up after being smashed by protesters.

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